About Lucy

Lucy is the founder of Lucy’s Corsetry (the YouTube channel and website of the same name) and the organizer / administrator of Corset Database.

Frustrated by the lack of information about off-the-rack corsets, Lucy started filming painfully detailed, objective corset reviews in 2010, and has reviewed over 150 corsets and organized information on nearly 400 corset brands since. In 2012 Lucy created an extensive research area/ shopping guide on her site, and since 2013 has been a consultant for both corset brands and consumers.

Lucy has trained employees of several OTR brands on how to measure, check for quality, and recommend sizes for their own products. She continues to encourage corset brands to maintain a standard of quality and transparency, providing public corset reviews as well as private appraisals (offering suggestions for improvement in construction, and helping corsetieres price their work fairly).

Lucy’s corset consultations for consumers is currently on hiatus as she’s finishing up an ebook on how to navigate the corset industry as a savvy shopper. Her new book will be out by June 2017, with consultations relaunching shortly after.

In her free time, Lucy enjoys playing with her dog Tibby, eating with friends, and napping.


About Sunny

Sunny is the graphic designer and tech support for Corset Database, as well as assistant administrator and voice of reason.

In their free time, Sunny enjoys studying, saving lives, reading under willow trees, archery, and spending time with family.



About Lori

Lori is a DBA and the spearhead of Corset Database. In 2014, Lori first approached Lucy with the idea of consolidating the corset shopping guide into a fun and easily navigable system, teaching Lucy how to organize and structure a database. While Lucy took the idea of Corset Database and ran with it, Lori stayed in the background cheering her on.

Lori is a corset enthusiast who got started with corsets while Civil War Re-enacting with her parents as a teenager. She has since learned corset making and enjoys making them for herself and friends. Lori strongly believes in Lucy’s work and the database as a way for everyone to access relevant information about corsets, not just fanatical horror stories that have twisted public perception about them.

In her free time Lori is pursuing photography, her art, sewing, running, yoga, archery, and loves gaming (both video and table top) and solving escape rooms with friends.

Learn more about Lori at her site, Bound Angel Designs.