CS-426 Standard | Hourglass Curve (Orchard Corset)

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Overbust / Underbust Underbust
Body Type Hourglass
Shape of Top Edge Point
Shape of Bottom Edge Point
Heaviness / Thickness Somewhat Rigid / Thick
Rib Shape / Silhouette Concave Rib (U-shape), Straight Rib (Conical)
Rib Spring 6
High Hip Spring 11
Hip Features No Hip Ties, Mid Hip
Number of Bones 22
Length 8.5
Location of Seller North America, United States
Extended / Special Sizes Size 16, Size 18, Size 40, Size 42, Size 44, Size 46
Type of Use Daily Wear

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Overbust / Underbust

Body Type

Shape of Top Edge

Shape of Bottom Edge

Heaviness / Thickness



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High Hip Spring

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4 reviews for CS-426 Standard | Hourglass Curve (Orchard Corset)

  1. Lina

    I used the Orchard corset calculator and spoke to one of their « expert », and both stated I needed a size 24 (or 22 in mesh). I ended up buying a cs-426 standard size 24 because of their recommendation. But the corset they send me was 5” rib spring and 10” hip spring instead of the 7” rib spring 12” hip spring they state on their web page. They never recognized the corset was faulty and persisted saying I should fit in a size 24. (And logically, either the corset is not right or I should have been told to get a size 26.) International buyer beware, it gets pricey very quickly if you have to make exchange as you pay for the back and forth shipping.

  2. Nikola

    This wasn’t the best shape for me but it’s my first corset and I love it. I was naturally a 32 32 (29”squished) 37 dimension and I closed the 26 in a month comfortably. Now my natural waist is down to 30”..! I need a smaller corset now and will be looking for another conical style.
    I think this one is great but my hips are not wide enough and the bottom of the corset would flare. On the flip side, it was too loose around my ribs and you could see the back panel bulging out of my clothes when I would try to stealth wear.

    Overall great for beginner wearers, and curvy hipped people…

  3. Meredith

    I have this corset in a size 20, and it’s my second from OC. I’ve owned it for about 2 years. For me, this corset has held up well, although the fit isn’t actually the best for me – while I’m fairly petite, my lower ribcage is rather full, and the conical shape makes it put more pressure on my lower ribs than I would like if I want to get a real reduction. Although they offer a lot of sizing help, this, at least at the time, wasn’t something they addressed. For me it’s wearable but not all day as a result. The satin looks great and I added dark blue ribbon laces to finish it off!

  4. Nisso

    This corset fits so well after seasoning and is so comfortable as well! I measure 27″-25″-32″ and this fits like a glove in size 20″. It is perfect for every day use and for waist training (which is what I am doing). I see some minor changes just within one month! And can’t wait to see where I’d be 6 months or a year from now! Definitely recommend it if you’re looking for an affordable off-the-rack corset and if you are a curvy person with a short (to standard size) torso. Happy corseting!

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