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How to Contribute

Corset Database welcomes your suggestions, requests and contributions!


Corset shoppers:

  • Are you interested in a specific corset but it’s not included yet? Request a new listing.
  • Can you think of another parameter or detail that would help improve the organization of this database and improve searches? Leave us your suggestions.
  • Do you own a corset already listed in this database? Reviews are open on all listings – leave your personal thoughts, and feel free to add photos of how your corset fits!
  • Did we get some features wrong (e.g. silhouette, measurements, base price)? Send us corrections.
  • Has this site has saved you from “buyer’s remorse” and prevented you from wasting hundreds of dollars on poorly-fitting corsets? Feel free to donate (button below) to keep this site growing!

Leave a comment below, or email us with your contributions, comments, and suggestions on how we can improve!


Corset makers, brand owners & employees:

  • Would you like to see your corsets included in this database? Request to have your products listed.
  • Did we get some features wrong with your products (e.g. silhouette, measurements, base price)? Send us corrections.
  • Has this site resulted in a surge of sales for you, a wave of happy customers, and fewer returns / exchanges? (Hey, we can dream!) Feel free to donate (button below) to keep this site growing!

Leave a comment below, or email us with your contributions, comments, and suggestions on how we can improve!


25 thoughts on “How to Contribute

  1. Awesome Work!

    A few suggestions
    – Add a button to auto-populate the measurement data into the filters.
    – Move comment boxes like this to above the comments (that way I don’t have to read/scroll through it all)
    – Pagination for comments, I don’t know if you have enough yet, but at a certain point, you’ll want to hide a portion of comments to keep page load times low.

    I’m software engineer by trade, so let me know if you have any questions about managing your database or suggestions for a better way to do something. I’ll see if I can help.

  2. This is amazing and wonderful! Beautiful interface!!!!
    However, for those of us that have no matches/no results….Perhaps a better option for those of us that do not fit into any OTR/RTW corsets and need good, reliable input on corsetiers that are willing to work with the average corset customer ($300-$500). The list of links that we are given – well – it’s not filtered in any way. Too many links that lead to pages that have little info on them. After 2hrs of clicking around you really end up right where you started – feeling as if your body once again doesn’t fit the “ideal.”
    Many listed on your main website do not even make corsets anymore, or make only to high end wedding/fantasy designs. Some links go to inactive/flimsy Etsy pages, when the corsetiers have full, proper websites with up to date info. The few I have contacted are not willing to alter their designs/want to tell me what I want or need. I’d love to find a corsetier willing to make a nice, simple, gently cupped rib longline, body hugging corset with no pointy bits, good low back and hip support for daily wear. My quest continues….

    1. Hi Lori, sorry that you were dissatisfied with the corsetiere map. The idea of the map is to help you locate a maker who lived in your state or area, and to contact them for more information (even if their websites are sparse) as meeting a corsetiere in person can never be substituted by even the best websites. They would be able to show you shop samples and take your measurements in person.
      I’ve done my best to offer many resources for free, but I also understand that personalized assistance is a necessity to some. I will be bringing back my corset consultation service in a couple of months and would be happy to speak with you if you require advice. 🙂

  3. First of all, this is amazing! My one suggestion might be to add a colour parameter in the future. I know you can look on the site if the corsets that come up come in the desired colours, but it would be cool to have this as an added feature as well.

  4. Corset Database constantly times out. Very disappointing. But it is a Great idea.

    1. Hi Lottie, thanks for your feedback. I wasn’t expecting so many visitors on the first day, and the system got bogged down for a bit! Also sometimes the filter widget gets overwhelmed if too many parameters are chosen at once.
      From people’s feedback yesterday, it seems to work best when you clear all filters, then only set 3-5 filters at a time, narrowing down from there (if necessary). I recommend starting with measurements first as that’s probably most important to people. 🙂 And filtering by measurements tend to result in only a handful of corsets, which less overwhelming to manually go through.

  5. Lucy, I’m home! Now I have another reason to say I Love Lucy! Thank you for this amazing site Lucy! It is so nice to have handy when I want an idea of whats available for me. God Bless and keep up the great work girl! ~B

  6. Lucy,

    May I suggest that you don’t put the view more button on the search results page and only on the window that opens up so there’s less accidental pushes taking you to the manufactures page or pop up window?

  7. This is amazing, thank you for the hard work!
    My suggestion would be adding top to waist and waist to bottom measurements, especially along the princess seam.
    Waist to bottom would really help me pick an underbust that would allow me to sit comfortably without it being necessarily a cincher or waspie.
    Overall it would be great having a more accurate idea of where a corset would sit on my body. I hope this makes sense!

    1. Thank you for the suggestion Mary! As someone who is long from the waist up and short from the waist down, I completely agree that how the length is distributed is important! 🙂

  8. This is fantastic!! You are amazing, thank you for answering my sizing question earlier this week. The one improvement I would suggest it a rib spring to hip spring relationship option, that way for someone like me that is looking to have it fit properly in the ribs and hips, and not as concerned about the waist reduction, could select a hip spring the is x inches bigger than rib spring. I hope this is clear if not feel free to contact me.

    1. That’s a fab idea, Ann! I’ll add it to the list of things to add to the next update. It might take a couple of weeks to implement, but the idea is genius. Thank you for the suggestion!

  9. I’ve tried it twice and don’t get anything that comes up in the search for me. It’s probably operator error. Help.

    1. Hi Bianca, what are your parameters? You’re welcome to email us (email is linked in the page, above) and we can take a look at what you’re filtering and why it’s not working.
      Also, it’s possible that there just isn’t a corset that exists with your exact measurements, specifications and price. :\ If you have any wiggle room to expand your rib and hip springs by an inch (or even 2 inches, if you’re willing to wear a corset with a gap or go up a size) it might give some results, or try not putting in choices for a few of the filters. But unfortunately there will be situations where no products exist with someone’s measurements and specifications.

  10. When I search using the torso length slider, the corset database returns results that are the length I select OR LONGER, when what I really want to search for is that length OR SHORTER, since that measurement is the maximum length that will work on my body. All of the corsets the database returned for my search had a torso length longer than my torso.

    1. Hi Rebekah, there should be two toggles, one on either side of the slider, and you can set the range to have a certain maximum and certain minimum. 🙂 Leave the left toggle at the lowest possible, and move the right toggle to the maximum that you want. The highlighted region will be white, and the excluded figures will be in gray. Thanks!

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