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How to Contribute

Corset Database welcomes your suggestions, requests and contributions!


Corset shoppers:

  • Are you interested in a specific corset but it’s not included yet? Request a new listing.
  • Can you think of another parameter or detail that would help improve the organization of this database and improve searches? Leave us your suggestions.
  • Do you own a corset already listed in this database? Reviews are open on all listings – leave your personal thoughts, and feel free to add photos of how your corset fits!
  • Did we get some features wrong (e.g. silhouette, measurements, base price)? Send us corrections.
  • Has this site has saved you from “buyer’s remorse” and prevented you from wasting hundreds of dollars on poorly-fitting corsets? Feel free to donate (button below) to keep this site growing!

Leave a comment below, or email us with your contributions, comments, and suggestions on how we can improve!


Corset makers, brand owners & employees:

  • Would you like to see your corsets included in this database? Request to have your products listed.
  • Did we get some features wrong with your products (e.g. silhouette, measurements, base price)? Send us corrections.
  • Has this site resulted in a surge of sales for you, a wave of happy customers, and fewer returns / exchanges? (Hey, we can dream!) Feel free to donate (button below) to keep this site growing!

Leave a comment below, or email us with your contributions, comments, and suggestions on how we can improve!


25 thoughts on “How to Contribute

  1. This is a wonderful site! I’m a big lover of corsets and it can be a struggle sometimes to find good quality. This database is a life saver. My only frustration is I can’t seem to find any over-the-shoulder, vest style corsets. At least not quality ones made for daily wear. They’re all steampunk and fancy dress goth, covered in gears and ruffles and impossible to wear under clothing.
    I’ve been hunting for a quality corset for my grandmother who has back and posture problems we’re trying to correct, as her hunching over is affecting her ability to walk. Wearing an underbust corset helps, but she still hunches over it, making it dig into her sternum. I think a vest style corset would help her stand up straight, but I can’t find a quality one she’d wear, even here. Do you have any suggestions?

    1. Hi Elizabeth, I have a gallery on my main site that features corset makers who offer custom posture-support corsets with shoulder straps. Reputable makers like Ties that Bynde or Totally Waisted (now Bone & Busk couture) will not only make the corset to your measurements, but they can make a corset as plain as you like, and work with you on making a piece that is as inconspicuous as possible under clothing.

  2. Hi ,

    If you have time could you please update your bespoke corset map on your website or add it here ?

    Sometimes even the best OTR corsets just do not fit properly and a bespoke is required , thank you.

    1. Hi Gary, the map is regularly updated with new corset makers being added every couple of months. If there is a specific location where no corsetieres exist on the map, it means that there are no known makers in the area or they have preferred to remain unlisted. Is there something specific you’re looking for?

  3. Lucy, you are absolutely stunning. Love your new site, can’t wait to see more. Seems like corsets are coming back, finally! I absolutely adore them. Thanks for sharing.

  4. Hi Lucy!
    I’ve noticed that quite a few corsets have “reviews” on them which are not reviews at all but spam and some are including links to potentially dodgy websites (I didn’t open the link but looking at the address it wasn’t good).
    Could there be some form of protection added so that only actual reviews can get through? Some of the corsets are getting unfairly low star ratings just because that is what the spammer chose to mark with their “contact us for copywriting” spiel.

    Also I would quite like for us to be able to format post so that if we type an enter, we get a line between paragraphs and/or the ability to edit posts. My review unfortunately looks like a wall of text once posted because I used spaces to break it up and submitting deleted them and didn’t put a space between the full stops and the next word…
    Glad we can now add pictures though!

    1. Hi AlexaFaie, I do have spam capture plugins on this site (Akismet and Captcha) but they are obviously not doing the job. I’ve turned off the special corset review plugin for now (the one that allowed people to add photos) because it was showing the bot spam reviews without being “approved” and wouldn’t allow me to delete them. We’ll just have to look into another plugin later on.

  5. My only comment is that I had to go through several pages to find the “Donate” button! That is an egregious error that must be rectified, tout suite! ( :p)

    You’ve done SO MUCH work on this, and this database is an incredible gift to the corset-wearing/-buying community.

    I highly encourage EVERYONE who has used this incredible resource to evaluate potential purchases to donate something to Lucy. If you can’t afford to pay her at least $5 (OR MORE! based on your financial situation) for saving you potentially hundreds, why are you even on this site looking to buy corsets?!

    Think about how much time you would have spent comparing corsets, searching through vendor product pages, and how much you value your time (literally — how much to you make per hour at your job?), and keep that in mind when donating for the use of this service.

    Lucy, you are incredible!

    1. Thank you so so much, Dee, for both your kind words and also your donation! <3

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