Hourglass Cincher (Timeless Trends)

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  • No modesty panel (a stiffened, floating modesty panel is available for separate purchase)


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Overbust / Underbust Underbust
Body Type Hourglass
Shape of Top Edge Straight
Shape of Bottom Edge Point
Heaviness / Thickness Moderate
Rib Shape / Silhouette Straight Rib (Conical)
Rib Spring 4.5
High Hip Spring 7
Hip Features No Hip Ties, Short Hip
Number of Bones 26
Length 6.5
Location of Seller North America, United States
Extended / Special Sizes Size 18
Type of Use  Daily Wear

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Overbust / Underbust

Body Type

Shape of Top Edge

Shape of Bottom Edge

Heaviness / Thickness


Rib Spring

High Hip Spring

Hip Features


Number of Bones


Location of Seller


Extended / Special Sizes

Type of Use

1 review for Hourglass Cincher (Timeless Trends)

  1. Meredith

    This is my current go to in a size 20, and I have it in one of their custom order mesh designs, so it might act a little differently than other hourglass short corsets. The reduction is killer, the curves are outstanding, and it looks great from every angle. The short length makes it really easy to wear, and everything has held up great so far! My right hip is a little fuller than my left, but the high up fit of the bottom edge of the corset makes sure it still fits me great on both sides.

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