MCC-75 Pear (Mystic City)

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Overbust / Underbust Underbust
Body Type Pear / Bottom Heavy
Shape of Top Edge Point
Shape of Bottom Edge Round, Point
Heaviness / Thickness Somewhat Rigid / Thick
Rib Shape / Silhouette Straight Rib (Conical)
Rib Spring 6
High Hip Spring 14
Hip Features No Hip Ties, Mid Hip
Number of Bones 26
Length 10
Location of Seller North America, United States
Type of Use Daily Wear

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Overbust / Underbust

Body Type

Shape of Top Edge

Shape of Bottom Edge


Heaviness / Thickness


Rib Spring

High Hip Spring

Hip Features


Number of Bones


Location of Seller


Type of Use

Mesh Available

1 review for MCC-75 Pear (Mystic City)

  1. Aafke Brouwer

    This is a very high quality, very curvy corset. I have it in the sports mesh. The mesh is very firm, with just a tiny, tiny bit of stretch which makes this corset very comfortable. Excellent stitching, a very firm busk with a very stiff underbusk bone added to the front modesty placket. I wasn’t sure if I would like that but I like it very much indeed. The lacing bones are flexible. The only other corset I have with flexible lacing bones are my made to measure Morgana Femme Couture, this makes it very comfortable in the back. This is a very curvy corset, and although advertised as a slightly cupped conical shape I find it quite cupped. So if you like a more cupped corset you could definitely try this one.
    Although similar in springs, this corset is much more curvy than the Restyle Wide Hip and took me more time getting used to. This is a serious tightlacing corset for a very, very modest price.
    The word ”advanced” pops up in my mind. Everything about this corset is beyond what I expect from an off the rack corset, the quality, the pattern, the details, the boned front modesty placket, floating boned modesty placket in the back, it even comes with a corset bag, there should be an option for 6 stars!

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