Power Corset (Crimson Rose)

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  • Washable, swimmable
  • No busk; molded plastic locking zipper
  • Flexible power mesh allows for a range of springs
  • Length and spring-range depend on the size chosen
    • Size chart shows center front length; princess seam length is 1.5 inches shorter for each size
  • Number of bones also depend on size chosen
    • Odd number of bones due to boned underbusk behind zipper
  • Steel bones and modesty panel upgrade available for $8 surcharge


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Overbust / Underbust Underbust
Body Type Hourglass, Pear
Shape of Top Edge Point
Shape of Bottom Edge Round
Heaviness / Thickness Somewhat Lightweight
Silhouette Round Rib (Hourglass)
Rib Spring 7 through 15 (exact range depends on size)
High Hip Spring 12 through 24 (exact range depends on size)
Hip Features No Hip Ties, Mid Hip
Number of Bones 39+
Length 10.5 through 12 (depends on size)
Location of Seller North America, United States
Type of Use Daily Wear

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Overbust / Underbust

Body Type


Shape of Top Edge

Shape of Bottom Edge

Heaviness / Thickness


Rib Spring

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High Hip Spring

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Hip Features


Number of Bones


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2 reviews for Power Corset (Crimson Rose)

  1. Trustmeimawriter

    This is one of the more comfy corsets I own but I must admit it has its flaws. The measurement system is unique and isn’t the kindest to people with shorter torsos. I find I have to pull the corset all the way up to my boobs to get the waist tape in the right spot.

    That said I can bend in this one and I don’t worry about anything breaking, snapping, or rusting.

  2. Charity

    This corset is incredibly comfortable, even though it took a but longer than expected to season in. I wear it at the gym when I’m doing leg or arm days, but not when I’m doing core or back, as that would sort of defeat the purpose, IMHO. It allows for a lot of movement… I can even tie my shoes with it on without suffocating!
    I’ve hand washed it several times and it’s still crisp and new looking.

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