Standard Length Hourglass (Timeless Trends)

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  • No modesty panel (a stiffened, floating modesty panel is available for separate purchase)


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Overbust / Underbust Underbust
Body Type Hourglass
Shape of Top Edge Round
Shape of Bottom Edge Round
Heaviness / Thickness Moderate
Rib Shape / Silhouette Round Rib (Hourglass)
Rib Spring 6.5
High Hip Spring 10
Hip Features No Hip Ties, Short Hip
Number of Bones 26
Length 9
Location of Seller North America, United States
Extended / Special Sizes Size 18, Size 40, Size 42
Type of Use Daily Wear

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Overbust / Underbust

Body Type

Shape of Top Edge

Shape of Bottom Edge

Heaviness / Thickness


Rib Spring

High Hip Spring

Hip Features


Number of Bones


Location of Seller


Extended / Special Sizes

, ,

Type of Use

Mesh Available

1 review for Standard Length Hourglass (Timeless Trends)

  1. Aafke-Art

    Very good quality and great curves. I also have had very good experiences with Timeless Trends customer care: great communication, easy exchanges and the shipping is super fast.
    The corsets are quite heavy and stiff, (which I like) they feel like real quality. Neat stitching, waist tape, double boned, and beautiful designs.
    These corsets are not a perfect fit on me, I am pear shaped, 2 inch rib spring and 10 inch hip spring, I also have conical ribs so the cupped rib cage is completely unnecessary for me.
    However, I find the hourglass super comfortable to wear, quite curvy enough to have people gasp and either admire or ask me if I can breathe at all, and they are so easy for me to wear that I can pop them on without any waist training. I only wear corsets for fun.
    And so many lovely designs…. I still have quite a number in my wish list.
    I own four of them already as of now so there’s the proof how much I like them.

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