Standard Length Hourglass (Timeless Trends)

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  • No modesty panel (a stiffened, floating modesty panel is available for separate purchase)


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Overbust / Underbust Underbust
Body Type Hourglass
Shape of Top Edge Round
Shape of Bottom Edge Round
Heaviness / Thickness Moderate
Rib Shape / Silhouette Round Rib (Hourglass)
Rib Spring 6.5
High Hip Spring 10
Hip Features No Hip Ties, Short Hip
Number of Bones 26
Length 9.5
Location of Seller North America, United States
Extended / Special Sizes Size 18, Size 40, Size 42
Type of Use Daily Wear

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Overbust / Underbust

Body Type

Shape of Top Edge

Shape of Bottom Edge

Heaviness / Thickness


Rib Spring

High Hip Spring

Hip Features


Number of Bones



Location of Seller


Extended / Special Sizes

, ,

Type of Use

Mesh Available

1 review for Standard Length Hourglass (Timeless Trends)

  1. Aafke-Art

    Very good quality and great curves. I also have had very good experiences with Timeless Trends customer care: great communication, easy exchanges and the shipping is super fast.
    The corsets are quite heavy and stiff, (which I like) they feel like real quality. Neat stitching, waist tape, double boned, and beautiful designs.
    These corsets are not a perfect fit on me, I am pear shaped, 2 inch rib spring and 10 inch hip spring, I also have conical ribs so the cupped rib cage is completely unnecessary for me.
    However, I find the hourglass super comfortable to wear, quite curvy enough to have people gasp and either admire or ask me if I can breathe at all, and they are so easy for me to wear that I can pop them on without any waist training. I only wear corsets for fun.
    And so many lovely designs…. I still have quite a number in my wish list.
    I own four of them already as of now so there’s the proof how much I like them.

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